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Our Virginia Chefs provide the very best in culinary experiences for all of our customers at every U.Va. Dining location.

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Eating on Grounds has never been more delicious. Discover all of our locations on Grounds and learn how to get the best value out of your Meal Plan.

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Meal Exchange:

Wondering when Meal Exchange times are? Click here to view the hours and locations participating.

Meal Plans:

2016-17 Meal Plans Meal Plans are convenient, delicious, flexible, and loaded with options. Meal Plan membership gives you access to more than 25 dining locations all across Grounds with a range of hours from as early as 7:00 am to as late as 2:00 am. With meal swipes and Plus Dollars to access all these services - you get guaranteed value - whether you eat on-Grounds three times a week or three times a day!

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Are you avoiding Gluten in your diet? Do you have food intolerances or allergies? Are you looking for Kosher or Halal options in your Meal Plan? We can help you eat the way you need to, just like your home kitchen. Contact us at dining@virginia.edu for more options.

Need to change your meal plan? You can do so by filling out the Change Request Form below. Meal plans can be upgraded at any time. If you wish to downgrade or cancel your plan, please do so by January 27, 2016 for the spring semester.


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