Standard Hours 10/1 - 8/1

We are closed from 10/1 through 8/1.

Green Restaurant Certified

Runk Dining is open to all, but mainly serves the Hereford College and Gooch/Dillard residents. It's convenient to the Student Activities Building, the Piedmont Faculty Housing area, and the McCormick Observatory. Don’t forget to visit the C3 at Runk Convenience Store for snacks and sundries!

Accepted Here

Meal plan swipe, Plus Dollars, Cavalier Advantage, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted. 

Casual Meal Rates Cash/Credit/Debit/Cavalier Advantage (rates before tax applied) Breakfast: $9.00 Brunch: $11.00 Lunch: $11.00 Dinner: $11.50 Theme Meals: $12.00  Plus Dollars (tax-free) Breakfast: $8.00 Brunch: $9.75 Lunch: $9.75 Dinner: $10.25 Theme Meals: $11.00

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265 Hereford Dr
Charlottesville, VA 22904