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    • Nutrition
    • Food Allergies, Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free 
    • Vegetarian and Vegan Diets
    • Flu Relief Bundles
    • Cavalier Advantage vs. Flex Dollars


    Why do I need a Meal Plan? 

    • Guaranteed all-you-care-to-eat meals and the flexibility of a la carte purchasing
    • No worries about carrying cash
    • Great food and convenient locations
    • No sales tax on your meal's purchase

    First-Year Students:

    • All first-year students are required by the University to participate in an All Access Meal Plan.  You may choose the amount of Flex Dollars you would like to add at check out. This plan offers unlimited dine-in meals in the main dining halls - 7 days a week!  

    Residential College Students:

    • Students who reside in Brown College, Hereford College (Norris and Whyburn dorms), and the Language Houses (French, Spanish, and Shea) are required to participate in a Residential meal plan.
    • Residential College students dine together during the week and attend frequent banquets and events with Faculty Fellows of the Colleges. May be subject to change due to COVID-19.
    • First-year Residential College students must choose an All Access meal plan. Upperclassmen residential college students must select from any Residential meal plans offered. 

    Varsity Student Athletes:

    • Student athletes on NCAA competing sports teams are eligible to participate in an Athletic meal plan.
    • With an Athletic meal plan, Varsity student athletes can enjoy dinners at an additional dining location - the state-of-the-art dining facility in the John Paul Jones Arena five nights a week.
    • Upperclassmen Varsity student athletes on a full scholarship must select one of the available Athletic meal plans.  Student Athletes on athletic scholarships should check with the Athletic department to verify which plan is required by GIA.
    • First-year Student Athletes must choose the Athletic All Access meal plan.

    What does each Meal Plan Contract include and how does it work?

    All UVA Meal Plans are annual contracts, billed over the two semesters of the academic year.  Students are billed once in fall and again in spring. Once you have ordered your meal plan through UVA Dine, you'll see the charges show up in SIS with all other University charges.  Each meal plan comes with meal swipes, Flex Dollars, and the option of using Meal Exchange/To-Go. Any remaining balance of Flex Dollars at the end of the Fall semester remains on your plan for Spring semester (as long as the plan has not been cancelled between semesters), but not to the next academic year.  Unused swipes from fall are forfeited if the plan is reduced or cancelled.

    Want more info on how meal plans work? Check out our Meal Plan 101 page! 

    How can I add Additional Flex Dollars?

    Additional Flex Dollars can be added to your account at any time at the UVA Dine website - just choose Meal Plans from the top banner and select Additional Flex dollars.  Do not send payment to UVA Dine. The Student Financial Services Office will post charges to your SIS account within one business week after your order has been placed.  Although all charges will be billed, your new funds will be added for use on your ID card right away during regular office business hours. Unused additional Flex Dollars added to your account are refundable with written request to by May 10, 2024.

    Please note: Additional Flex Dollars are in a separate account on your ID card, but are accessed automatically when the original balance of Flex Dollars has been depleted. The best way to view your current swipe or flex dollar balances is through the Cavalier Advantage website referenced below.


    How can I find out the balance of my Flex Dollars or Additional Flex Dollars?

    You can visit the Cavalier Advantage website to view your balances. Click on Access Your Account Online and select the option for Meal Plans or Flex dollars. Please use a computer to access the information as the phone app version has limitations and does not display all plans. Do NOT log into GET to view meal plan information. If you have any questions about your activity, you may visit the UVA Dine office on the first floor of O'Hill Dining Room or call 434-982-5140.  Staff at UVA Dine locations are not able to see your account information, so go the UVA Dine office or the Cavalier Advantage site for accurate information.

    I bought a meal plan last semester. Do I need to buy one for the new semester?

    Meal plan contracts are for one entire academic year. The meal plan you ordered before Fall will be the same plan you have in Spring.  There is no need to order another plan in Spring, as this will cause you to have duplicate SIS charges in Spring.  If you wish to change plans between semesters, please follow the directions in your dining contract or see below.


    Can I make changes to my Meal Plan?

    Absolutely! We want you to have the plan that works best for you. 2023-2024 meal plan members may upgrade their meal plan at any time to have more meals available. To reduce or cancel a meal plan, members must notify UVA Dine during the semester change periods (posted in your dining contract) by submitting the on-line meal plan change request form. Downgrades and cancellations for Fall 2023 must be submitted by August 30, 2023, and Spring 2024 cancellations or downgrade requests must be submitted between December 1, 2023 and January 24, 2024. There is a $50 Early Termination Fee if you wish to cancel your meal plan entirely (except in case of December graduation, study abroad or withdrawal from the University). Cancellations for active students will not be accepted after the deadline. Students may upgrade their meal plans to have more meals or more flex dollars at any time.  Dining Plan Change Request Form

    First-year students, residential college students, and full Grant-in-Aid athletes living on Grounds may not cancel the second semester of their meal plan. They may, however, change to a different meal plan as outlined above. 

    Refunds are determined by the Student Financial Services Office (not the UVA Dine office) according to their refund schedule. 

    Not paying your second semester bill does not constitute dining program cancellation. Sending the $50 early termination fee to the Student Financial Services Office does not cancel your meal plan. If you don't notify UVA Dine, you may be liable for late fees levied by the Student Financial Services Office, or registration blocks by the Registrar.

    Can I treat a friend by using my Meal Plan?

    Yes.  If you have an All Access plan, you have 10 guest meals per semester for use in the main dining halls.  If you have a block plan, you may use any of your available swipes for a guest meal at a main dining hall.  When dining with a guest, present your card to the cashier and they will swipe once for you and they will process a guest swipe for your guest.  You must dine with your guest, and guest meals are non-transferable. You can also pay for your friends using your Flex Dollars at any UVA Dine location. Encourage them to sign up for a meal plan, and they can join you every day!  .


    To whom should the Meal Plan payment be made?

    Student Financial Services will bill you for your meal plan and any additional Flex Dollars you add through Dining Services.  All payments, including cancellation fees, are made to the UVA Student Financial Services Office. All refunds are determined by and issued from the Student Financial Services Office.


    How do the ID Cards work?

    ID cards are issued by the ID Office on the first floor of Observatory Hill. To protect the accounts on your ID, if you lose or misplace your ID, report it at "Report Lost Card".  To schedule an appointment to obtain a replacement ID, submit the ID Replacement Request Form online. For questions related to a replacement UVA Health ID, call 434-982-4009 or email .

    To enter a dining room or to pay with Flex dollars, you must present your ID. If you have lost your ID, you must replace it (see above). For a limited number of times, you may "vouch" for your meal at the cashier's stand. Please note: Vouching is emergency method of getting into a dining room for times that the ID Office is closed, and cannot be used for an extended amount of time, or you will be denied access to the dining room, even if you have meals left on your plan.  If your ID card is broken or taped, we cannot swipe your card.  You will need to get a replacement card from the ID office.


    How do I obtain my ID number? 

    This number is found on UVA ID cards. First years and transfers, you can obtain your UVA ID number at: What's My ID Number?


    How do I order from on-Grounds locations through GrubHub?

    Download the GrubHub app and affiliate your account with UVA using your student email address and ID #. This can be found in Settings > Campus Dining. Next, choose a location and place an order. Make sure to use Meal Exchange/Flex Dollars, if applicable! Head over to the location, check in through the app, and pick up your order.


    What is your Casual Meal Rate? 

    Meal Cash/Credit/Debit/Cav. Ad.
              (pre-tax rate)

    Flex $ 
    Breakfast                  $10.50   $9.50 
    Brunch                  $12.50     $11.25
    Lunch                  $12.50      $11.25 
    Dinner                  $13.00   $11.75 
    Special Dinners                  $13.50   $12.50 


    I have a question about...


    Nutrition concerns? Need dietary modifications? Want your dietary intake analyzed? All of these services are available free of charge to meal plan participants through our on-staff nutritionist. Our nutritionist is actively involved in the planning of the menus to ensure a healthy variety of options. Nutrition information is available for each menu item at the residential dining rooms and through our online menus. This information is posted so that you can make healthy decisions.  Visit our On Grounds Resources page for more information and contact info for our nutritionist.

    Food Allergies, Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free 

    We are proud to be proactive in helping students with food allergies or dietary intolerance make informed decisions about their meal choices. Visit our Food Allergies page. Gluten-free and lactose-free mainstays are available in all three main dining rooms. If you cannot find what you need, just speak with a location manager or chef.


    Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

    For our vegetarian and vegan guests, meatless entrees are available at all residential dining rooms during each meal period. 


    Flu Relief Bundles

    Are you feeling under the weather? We want you to get better soon! We offer to-go meals or special flu relief bundles while you're sick. Just provide your roommate, friend, or flu buddy your ID card and a note that permits them to pick up a meal for you. They can either get a to-go container and fill it with your choice of dining room food, or they can pick up a flu relief bundle for you at O'Hill, Fresh Food Company, or Runk Dining Room! The bundles include two 4 oz. juices, 2 packs of broth, one Jello cup, and three snack packs of saltines.


    Cavalier Advantage vs. Flex Dollars

    A Cavalier Advantage account can be used just about anywhere on Grounds - from vending machines, copy machines and parking to the UVA Bookstore and all dining locations. Flex Dollars are part of your meal plan and are only available for use on food, in dining locations on-Grounds and our specified off-Grounds partner locations. Flex Dollar food purchases are not charged sales tax, but Cavalier Advantage purchases are treated like cash/credit/debit and are charged sales tax.


    I have a suggestion, I have a problem..

    Got a question? Check out our website. If you can't find an answer there, or if you have a special need, check the list of locations and phone numbers. The managers are a great resource for help, information, and answers. You can always call us at 434-982-5141 or 5140 or email  We have an open door policy so let us know if you have any Dining related questions, concerns or suggestions.  Stop by our office at O'Hill and see us anytime between 8am and 5pm. During break periods, it may be best to call or e-mail first in case our office hours are adjusted.

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